This building felt like a space from the future even though it was built in the 60s by australian architect John Andrews. The University of Toronto Scarborough Campus is one of Toronto's brutalist monolith structures. 

I have to come back here. I wanted to move in!

Dezeen Feature - Summerhouse in South Iceland by Gláma Kím Arkitektar


Gláma Kím Arkitektar and their beautiful Summerhouse that we photographed last year is featured on Dezeen today! Have a look at the full article to learn more about this remote and stunning vacation home in South Iceland! 

Blue Fog - Thuringia, Germany


The Thuringian Forest is called the "Green Heart of Germany", right in the center. And it is my "Heimat". "Heimat" in german describes the place where you feel home, often where you were born and feel a lot of connection to. The forest never looks the same and especially not engulfed in fog. These photos were taken around the town of Oberhof and the second highest peak in Thuringia called Schneekopf.

Camera : ARAX CM MLU

Film: Fujichrome Velvia 

Home-brew Film Development 


Zen House - Toronto


"Zen House is a transformation of two interior spaces, using a neutral, consistent material palette throughout.  The new ground floor kitchen / living area and the new second floor master ensuite and adjacent dressing room are washed in natural light to create a quiet calm."

Toronto, Canada

Architect: Cindy Rendely Architexture

Photographer: Nanne Springer

National Planning Agency - Reykjavík


National Planning Agency – New offices - 2017

Interior design for the National Planning Agency. New offices in an existing building from the 1940´s. Located in the centre of Reykjavik.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Architect: Gláma Kím 

Photographer: Nanne Springer

Joanne Boland and Peter Mooney


Portraits of Peter Mooney and Joanne Boland who will play Tony Burke and Jo Bellamy in the upcoming film "Blowback" by canadian writer and director Annie Bradley.

A limited edition print set was given to the main supporters of this film.