Dezeen Feature - Summerhouse in South Iceland by Gláma Kím Arkitektar


Gláma Kím Arkitektar and their beautiful Summerhouse that we photographed last year is featured on Dezeen today! Have a look at the full article to learn more about this remote and stunning vacation home in South Iceland! 

Blue Fog - Thuringia, Germany


The Thuringian Forest is called the "Green Heart of Germany", right in the center. And it is my "Heimat". "Heimat" in german describes the place where you feel home, often where you were born and feel a lot of connection to. The forest never looks the same and especially not engulfed in fog. These photos were taken around the town of Oberhof and the second highest peak in Thuringia called Schneekopf.

Camera : ARAX CM MLU

Film: Fujichrome Velvia 

Home-brew Film Development