Blue Fog - Thuringia, Germany


The Thuringian Forest is called the "Green Heart of Germany", right in the center. And it is my "Heimat". "Heimat" in german describes the place where you feel home, often where you were born and feel a lot of connection to. The forest never looks the same and especially not engulfed in fog. These photos were taken around the town of Oberhof and the second highest peak in Thuringia called Schneekopf.

Camera : ARAX CM MLU

Film: Fujichrome Velvia 

Home-brew Film Development 




Here some photos from the set up and the vernissage as well as the most beautiful live set video of The Kanadagans at our opening of the exhibition "You, Me and The Sea" in Hamburg at the Enfants Artspace last Friday. I wish it would have never ended...Thanks to everyone at the gallery, to my droney friends and friends who came from far away and to my lovely family and to every stranger who took the time to share this evening with Oliwia Kohnke and me! Maybe see you again at the finissage July 31st!